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Think Positive - Be A Success

Attitude Training for Winners

What is the one secret that Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Robert Kiyosaki and Walt Disney all have in common that made them into multi millionaire and billionaires?

Dear Reader

I'll give you their secret in a second but first let's see how these people got to be famous...

Oprah Winfrey started out in a poor family that barely had any money for food. As she got older she decided she wanted to be a news presenter but no station would hire a black woman who didn't fit the normal stereotype of a news presenter. But now Oprah is the richest woman in the world all thanks to TV... how did she do it?

Robert Kiyosaki tells of his poor dad versus rich dad thinking and the different in their lives. He shares how his friends’ father taught him a new way of thinking and how he learnt how to get rich. He writes about  making and losing money before he was able to create the wealth he has today… did he do it?

J.K Rowling decided to start writing when she had to stay at home looking after her children. She slaved away on her book for years and finally - when it was ready to published - got rejected by over 100 publishes. But now J.K Rowling is a billionaire and a beloved figure to children around the world thanks to her Harry Potter series... how did she do it?

Walt Disney was told that no-one wanted to watch full length cartoon movies and his ideas were laughed at. Borrowing money he decided to let the world decide and sunk everything he had into his dream. But now he's a beloved name around the world and who could imagine growing up without Disney... how did he do it?
Now you need to be reminded that their rags to riches stories did not happen overnight. Here is a list of challenges they had: abusive childhood, family rejection, single parenting, no money, living on the government benefit, publishers rejection, unemployment, bankruptcy, business lost….and those are just some of the main ones.

(I can relate to a few of those – can you?)

They have all made thousands of miss-takes in their careers and ultimately overcome them as valuable lessons in life. They have had a variety of other obstacles in their lives that have possibly taken them to the depths of despair. However, they focussed on their passion and dreams, using each of their gifts and talents and consistently plugged away to become the successful people they are today.

That is the journey of every person who is successful in life. It is the minority like Paris Hilton who get it handed to them on a plate.

NOW - Here is our life journey in a timeline:

Get born → discover your gifts and talents → discover your dreams → believe in yourself →work away relentlessly → overcome the challenges = BE-come the successful person you want to be, whilst you DO the things you love whilst living a balanced happy life and you will HAVE the things you dream of.

There’s no denying…some of these are biggies…but like the people I’ve mentioned above….IT IS POSSIBLE. If they can overcome ALL their challenges – SO CAN YOU!

SO, What about you and what are you doing?

Are you using your natural gifts and talents and passions?

OR - Are you going to waste them or use them?

Are you going to lie away at night, wishing you were successful but didn’t have the courage to overcome your fear to ‘give yourself a go’?

OR - Are you going to worry about your lack of wealth, health, happiness and love for the rest of your life and be the failure you don’t want to be.

Whenever I think about failure…it spurs me harder towards overcoming any challenges to be more successful than I am right now.

The decision is yours!!! But lets return to Oprah, Robert, Joanne and Walt and discover what you can do (just like them) to become the winner your were born to be.

The secret is simply three words.

They all had a positive mental attitude. A belief in themselves and their ideas even when everyone around them was telling them they were crazy. And that's the kind of belief that creates greatness.

What they achieved all began with a positive thought that they made into a reality with their positive attitude. They weren't born with more money or better connections than you... they just followed their dream until they achieved it. So if you can imagine your dream life... you can live it as well.

However having a positive attitude isn't as easy as it looks. If you let your mind do it's own thing it will usually feed you negativity. You've probably experienced this yourself and that's why you're here.

But don't worry you're not alone. Everyone faces these challenges and the only way to overcome them is to control your thoughts. This is the one skill that all successful people learn to achieve greatness.

Life is a journey you undertake with your inner compass as your guide.

My miss-take was I looked after others and not myself. Now your reason may be the same as mine or something different. It doesnít matter. The main thing is you want to turn your life around. You want to stop those negative thoughts and create happiness and success for yourself.

However to do that you have to control your thoughts and thatís your positive mental attitude!† Why well because that affects your actions.

Iíll give you my secret in a moment. But really comes down to starting with seven things. But first answer this question?

Do you want a better life for yourself than you have now?

If so, read on.

Now if you donít like reading long web pages, scroll down and click through to video links to You Tube throughout this page.

OkayÖ.so now: DO YOU:

  1. Want to be a success and make positive choices?
  2. Learn the easy steps of positive thinking?
  3. Learn to appreciate yourself and past successes?
  4. Think and therefore feel more positive?
  5. Achieve small goals as you work towards your dreams?
  6. Rid yourself of the negativity in your life?
  7. Create your ideal life in these areas: health/relationships/work/finances/happiness?

All this is possible and all you have to do is choose. Next you create a map for your life and Just do it! †Hereís a line from well know speech...

"Your playing small does not serve the world." - Nelson Mandela

What does that mean? It means donít live being unhappy and below your potential. You are destined to live a great life!

So you want to change from living on the breadline worrying and not sleeping at night wondering where the next dollar is coming from.† Maybe youíre unhappy and doubtful whether youíll ever find another relationship. Maybe youíre frightened and scared whether youíll have enough money for retirement. Maybe youíre uncertain whether can afford to go on a family holiday, or have doubts you can pay for your kids to go through school. Maybe youíre uncertain you can get yourself a new job. Well Iím here to tell youÖyou can. All you do is choose!

Now, thatís why youíve landed on this webpage. Youíve got a niggle in your brain thatís telling you that you want a better life for yourself than what you have now.

However often people get stuck in ruts through life and go around and around the pothole. Sometimes for years.

Nevertheless when you were learning to walk you kept trying and practising so you could succeed. Then you ran and skipped and hopped. You got more skilled every time. That lesson repeats throughout your life.

Thatís what life is about!

No matter what Ö you can have what you want in your life?

First you need to focus your attitude on positive as you kick-butt the negative stuff out of your life. Then hereís what you do as a winner!

Everyone has only 24 hours in the day. You may wonder why some people appear to fulfil their desires and youíre not. Well thatís because they have a positive attitude. Additionally they have already worked out their goals and believe in themselves. Thatís what keeps them overcoming their hurdles.

They have already learnt some successful lessons and continue to fine tune their life. They channel their energies away from negativity and embrace positive actions. They know this is the way to be successful in life. Now itís your turn! Just choose to take action towards being happy and successful.

Something else thatís really important is to realise that you start making change in your life whenever you are ready and not a moment before. Some people never ever start! You may have felt like starting years ago but for any number of reasons didnít. SoÖ

CONGRATULATIONS on your new start in your life today!

You already embrace change and learn in your life. At sometime you have probably had a new computer, partner, job, car, home, baby or mobile phone. They are all examples of you making change. When you first get it you probably donít know how to make it work. Gradually you learn it and that is the same stepping stones to success!

  1. Step one Ė impossible.
  2. Step two Ė possible.
  3. Step three Ė doing it!

Here are some fantastic reasons for having a positive attitude.

You will:
  • Live more positively as you establish your goals
  • Think positive as you learn to believe in your abilities
  • Act positive as you overcome your hurdles
  • Stay positive as you embrace the change process
  • Breathe more enthusiastically and take deep breathes
  • Be energized by learning and feel more zestful about life
  • Want to eat and be healthy, so you can achieve your goals
  • Feel good about yourself and positive endorphins will flow
  • Start to love yourself and others will as well
  • Jump out of bed in the morning to get working on your goals!

With all those fabulous reasons only a sceptic would chose not to.

That's why one of the crucial keys to your success is your attitude Ė and thatís where this programme helps you. †You might have heard the saying -†

"When the student is ready, the teacher arrives." - Confucius

Consequently you are on this web page because you want to stop thinking negative and think positive. You want to feel better and achieve your goals and be happier. Others have done it so why canít you. The only thing stopping you is your thoughts.

You can come up with excuses but like all the winners at the start of this letter they had challenges to overcome before they won. You just have to learn how to do that.

You can have improvements in these areas of your life:

  • Money or finances
  • New job or career
  • Relationships
  • Better health
  • Happiness
  • Travel
  • Fun
  • And any other areas

When you are working to create happiness and success in your life you need to be able to evaluate different aspects of your life.

Even winners may not be excellent in all of the different areas. However for people to achieve they are living with positive mental attitude as they achieve their way to success.

Two famous quotes from Albert Einstein are:
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

So your present level of thinking has got you to where you are right now. Consequently for a different result you have to change your thoughts. Additionally if you stay the same you will get the same results.

Albeit our winners in life kept changing their thinking and actions and for you to succeed you must as well.

However maybe youíre struggling with work or paying bills or raising kids or stressed or lonely or afraid of being a failure. You have a choice. You can keep on underachieving OR change your thinking and become a success. Often it is your daily hassles that makes life feel like itís a hard slog. I know Iíve been there!

Your goals of lowering your stress, creating work/life balance, saving for education, house, car, a holiday or retirement or finding a new love, seem impossible. Thus you feel like a failure and your esteem plummets leaving you with self doubt and negative thoughts.

But you can have that happy to be alive feeling and enjoy life,
in the process fulfilling your dreams.

Of course you have to WORK at it just like when you were learning to walk. It didnítí happen overnight but after some falls and bumps you tried and tried again. Finally you got there. Creating your dream life is exactly like that. You try, you fall, you pick up, you try something different and then you win!

Top Ten Reasons To Do This Training.

10 You earn how to be positive, focussed, goal orientated
9 ††You achieve minute, hourly and daily
8†† Every small achievement is one more step towards your dream life
7†† You start to feel better about yourself
6 ††Your self esteem rises
5 ††You save time and become proactive
4†† You stop zigging in your lifeÖ you just zag to your dreams
3† You learn how to train your thoughts
2 ††You concentrate on things your love in your life
1†† You put yourself first in your life!

The information in The Secret is great when it teaches you to focus on positive thinking however it fails to teach you to believe that you are also worthy of it. My Attitude Training Programme does!

One person said about the programme, ĎThis is so great, Iím buying one for each member of my family and sending it to them.í

With over 60,000 thoughts per day to keep positive you need to train your mind otherwise itís easy for it to control you. When it does you donít achieve your goals.

Everyone has areas to improve to become successful and live their dream life.†Itís taking one (not ten) steps at a time.

Thatís what this programme is about as you climb your ladder to success!

Hereís what one of my clients have said:

"My work involved setting realistic goals in my personal and professional life.† Janice is certainly non-judgmental, supportive, encouraging and has excellent reference tools along with helpful affirmations to remind you that everything is achievable with the right attitude!" - Angela.

You may be wondering how I know what you need to succeed. †I thought my happiness was just going to happen. I didnít realise I had to work steadily towards creating it. Iíve learnt and am now constantly succeeding achieving more and more

Consequently my job now is to show you how to do it. Itís easy to get started. Itís enjoyable. It doesnít matter whether you are an analytical, caring, results or people person. It doesnít matter whether youíre 6, 16 or 60 years old, single or married or male or female. I have used these techniques with all ages.

Why - because a positive attitude is a key trait for the success of a winner!

Do you think Oprah Winfrey, Robert Kiyosaki, JK Rowling and Walt Disney had this type of thinking as they overcame their challenges?

Until they embraced their dream they may have gone in circles. It is the same for you. First you have to decide what your dream life is. It is okay to dream and think about the future. But there comes a time when you need to be more specific and act on your thoughts and build a foundation upon action and attitude. If you persevere you won't be denied your rewards.

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;
That is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau

So lay your foundations for your castle today and create your stepping stone goals towards your dream life. It sounds pretty easy but it doesnít happen overnight. Itís your work of progress in action.

On my journey I quickly discovered that having a positive attitude was easier to say than do!

As your mind thinks about creating your dream life it also has thoughts about how to stop you achieving it. You may have noticed that yourself. So to achieve your desires you have to overcome challenges before it becomes reality in your life.

I know this because daily when I first started I had times of feeling Ďit was all too muchí or Ďtoo hard to doí and Iíd start to think negative thoughts. Iíd start to feel like a failure and my esteem would plummet. Repeatedly I had to spend time re-adjusting my thinking to positive again. But being a person who wanted to achieve (like you) I kept doing a little bit each day and turned my life around.†

My friends today say they canít believe I wasnít always positive.† My reply - years ago I was just a good actress. On the exterior I looked happy but my insides were in turmoil. Lots of people live like that and it shows in their negative behaviours. But now Iím living my dream life and itís getting better every day.

Itís easier if you set goals that suit your personality!

There are many reasons why this is possible. One of my favourite experiences was resetting my goals in a format that suited me. I didnít understand why lists didnít work for me (so I felt like a failure) but then I learnt I was a right-brained, creative, colour and pictures person. Understanding that was a big Ďahaí in my life and made me feel loads better. I discovered the traits of different personalities and their importance.

So my Attitude Training Programme includes the techniques for all four personalities. Youíll learn which one you are.

Hence displayed on my wardrobe door was a treasure map of my vision of my dream life ready to be created. It was on coloured paper with pictures cut out from magazines. Looking at that every day inspired me whereas the lists hadnít. It had taken me over thirty years to learn that. I also managed to read every book that I could feast my eyes on.

You can get started right now and save time by not having to read hundreds of books.

When I heard one mentioned that might be helpful to me I would ask to borrow it. I joined the library as I didnít have the money to buy all the books I wanted to read. You can do that as well. I also used loads of positive phrases, tips, poems, quotes and articles for positive thinking, displayed around my house. †So if you ask me is attitude the key to success then definitely I can say yes!

Along my journey I discovered I needed this positive attitude to boost my self belief before I could work towards my goals.

You might discover the same is true for you.

In life you have six main areas of life you focus on:

  • Yourself
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Financials
  • Career or work
  • Community or Spiritual

When I checked my list I needed some changes in all of them. If felt like overload until I learnt it meant many different types of goals at different times. I needed lots of small ones. (Iíve now created the Happiness Scale which Iíve included in this programme, where you can instantly assess your areas of your life.)

Anyway, back to my goals.† They had to stretch me out of my comfort zone but challenging enough for me to achieve frequently. That way I didn't see my dream as an unachievable target.

You may have felt the same way about your goals and dreams.

After learning all this information and applying it to my life during the challenges I was experiencing, people started saying I was successful and positive.

They told me I was inspiring! That was nice, because at times it was difficult to be that way. They had seen talents in me I hadnít seen myself. However at the same time I just seemed to achieve something and another challenge would come my way. At times I became disenchanted with what life was throwing my way.

When I was involved in running Personal Development and Leadership courses I discovered I enjoyed helping people and my career as an Attitude Specialist was born. I was doing something I am passionate about and learnt I could make a difference.

Thatís why I can now help you!

Hereís what one of my clients have said:

"The guidance and skills you showed me on how to map out my life have worked a treat. In my 50th year I packed a bag and took to the skies. I am living and working in Britain. My one big ambition was to visit Croatia and I am pleased to report that I have just returned from a holiday there and it was everything I could have dreamed of and more!!  Thank you for your help and inspiration along the way." - Kindest Regards L Begovich

Your key is to train your thoughts to be positive.

In the Positive Attitude Training Programme, I teach you how.

I have gathered 20 years of learning strategies that have worked for me and am offering it to you to make your life more enriched.

I am including my hours and hours of reading, dissecting ideas, learning and collating information into an easily read format for you.

I have included the information suitable for all different learning styles. If you are left brained you will find a strategy to complete an exercise and if you are right brained I have included a solution you will enjoy more.

I have included strategies to help you overcome your challenges. You will encounter them and you canít avoid them. However you can minimise them. Every one you conquer raises your level of expertise and self confidence. My solutions help you deal with them easier.

I have included tips, poems and quotes. They will stop your negative thinking in its track and focus your mind on positive ideas and thoughts so you can become the winner you want to be!

There are hundreds of ideas, solutions and strategies that I guarantee will turn your life around.

Now I help people worldwide to keep positive as they work towards their goals.

Using the internet, I have been motivating people with quotes, articles, e-courses, and booksÖ.and now I have also developed this for you.

Positive Attitude Training Programme.

It's FOUR BOOKS to improve your attitude and also your life.

  • Book 1
    Say Yes to a Positive Attitude
    Switch your over all approach to life to positive
  • Book 2 †††††††††††
    200 PowerTips to keep your Attitude Positive
    Keeps you positive in everyday specific situations
  • Book 3 †††††††††††
    How to get what you want in your Life and Achieve Success
    Become a change agent and plan your dream life setting goals
  • Book 4 †††††††††††
    Be a Winner by boosting your Esteem
    Learn to believe in yourself so that you can achieve your dreams

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

Hereís a sample of what I share in the books:

Say Yes to a Positive Attitude Book

  • Dealing with a challengeÖUnderstanding itís 10% what happens and 90% your reactions
  • How to develop a mega-attitude to make you a success in your personal and professional life
  • Steps to advance and aim for an awesome life, moving past the negatives, towards your dream life
  • The importance to take the time for what thrills you and what youíre passionate about so you keep positive and on a natural high
  • Understand how to revisit and value your innovative insights as you become more inspirational and impulsive and act on your intuition or gut reactions<

Then thereís the:

200 PowerTips to Keep your Attitude Positive

This ebook helps you assess your views and provides tips on 30 different topics †which includes:

  • Life/work balance, Values or Beliefs, Career or Professions, Communication, Critical Turning Points, Fear of Success or Failure, Giving with heart, Health and wellbeing, Intention, Intuition, Gut reactions, Love, Negatives, Passion, Personality, Positive Attitude, Real Moments, Personal Relationships, Professional Relationships, Self Esteem at work and play, Stress savvy, Treasure maps and writing goals and Universal laws
  • It reminds you about your achievements
  • Teaches you about writing your own affirmations
  • Teaches you about visualizations
  • Learn to BE yourself
  • Learn to accept others
  • Learn to give and receive friendship and create relationships
  • The importance of fun and laughter
  • Helps you learn about happiness
  • Personality styles so you recognise yourself and others
  • Women and men or Ďthe sexesí and discovering some differences
  • Plus there are lots more

One reader wrote this about the 200 PowerTips - "Today I received this little gem! I couldn't open it during the day, as I had loads of work to do, so I kept it for a treat at night.†Since opening the envelope with the book in it, I haven't been able to put it down. This is so motivating."

After you have assessed your thoughts about certain aspects you progress to the next Ďlearning curveí and you are ready to create your dream life...

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

How to get what you want in your Life and Achieve Success

This is where you start to create and plan your new life by setting goals. †The workbook includes

  • You discover your values and your core desires - essentially, YOUR RULES you live your life by
  • You assess your work/life ratio and priorities in life
  • You tap into YOUR lifelong wildest dreams
  • You learn to set short and long term goals to achieve them
  • You learn techniques about how manage yourself
  • You learn how to effectively delegate
  • You learn how to stop procrastination
  • You design a time management plan
  • You design a stress management plan
  • You learn to reward yourself as you create your dream life
  • You create your accountability programme

And lots more! Sometimes when youíre overcoming a hurdle you need extra help to believe in yourself and your capabilities. This is where my next book helps you by boosting your self-belief and esteem. It also has tips for helping others.

Be a Winner by boosting your Esteem

  • You learn to BELIEVE in your abilities
  • You improve your self belief, worth, confidence and esteem
  • You learn about the 21 vital ingredients of high self-esteem††
  • You also learn about 10 vital ingredients of low self-esteem
  • The self-esteem acronym which looks at: Self, Emotion, Love, Fulfilment, Enthusiasm, Safety, Thinking, Energy, Expertise, and Magic
  • 30 esteem boosters for you and others

One of my challenges and my unique gift to the world (You have one too) is being the founder of International Self Esteem Day Ė International Self Esteem Day. You can watch the television interview here on the website.

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

These four books make up the 4-step process for you to have a positive attitude 24/7. They will turn your life around by allowing you to create your dreams or fine tune them.

Even my mum at 75 years old, on the golf courseÖsays she uses the technique of thinking positive about the outcome for her shot.

So the process has people feeling positive as they reassess their lives and realign it with their dreams. There are tips, exercises, quotes, poems, and information all easily explained.

You can read something worthwhile and even if youíre busy †
in one minute you can apply it to your life!

Needless to say these books can help you immensely. You can save a huge amount of wasted time being unhappy and unfulfilled in your life or instead be happy and start to create the dream life you want. Itís not going to happen overnight but you will be feeling great with each little achievement.

You may wonder how I know that. During my journey of personal-development I have spent years on my own with my children. Iíve overcome issues relating to health, financial, career, relationships and personal issues.

So now Iíve learnt! I also love helping othersÖ
So if you want to create a new life you can.
I can help you too.

Youíll learnÖ

  • How to align your mind, body and soul
  • How to align your passion, your thoughts and your actions
  • How integrity is important to your happiness
  • How being you is important
  • Youíll learn your uniqueness is what the world wants
  • Youíll learn your special skills and passions help others
  • Youíll learn life is a constant process of change
  • Youíll learn to embrace change
  • Youíll discover the core you and roots of a happy life

So with complete honesty I can say this information works. I know because Iíve used it and done it!

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

If you havenít already decided here is some more information

Positive Attitude Training Programme
It can help change your life now!

Donít wait a day longer being negative and unhappy.

To help you get started on your journey. Iíve also included these special extra bonuses - free to you. Together these add up to over 300 PAGES of help for you.

Special Bonus #1
24 Positive and Inspirational Quotes from experts and world leaders that help keep your Attitude Positive as you work towards your goals and dream life!

I know itís a challenge to keep positive when youíre in the midst of the change process and working towards your dream life and these extra motivational quotes will help keep you on track.

Special Bonus #2
45 Life Changing Tips,
including some from experts and leaders that help towards you achieving your goals.
(and of course you can enrol for my online weekly quote as well)

Every little bit helps, so Iíve included more tips to help you stay focussed as you work towards your goals and achieving your dream life. These tips cover:

  • 25 to help you create magical goals
  • 10 to help you lead a more positive life
  • 10 to help you improve your work/life balance

Special Bonus # 3
25 Positive Poems
to print and display to keep you motivated and help keep your mind filled with positive thoughts.

Special Bonus #4
Over 125 Self Esteem Tips
from 9 other experts from Business†Owner, to Entrepreneurs, Image Consultant, Business Coach, ††Spiritual Leader and Networking Guru.


Special Bonus # 5
Happiness Scale
A scale designed so you can within seconds assess your present areas of achievement in 6 different areas of life. Use the scale every six months to assess your growth. Included is an overview of the 'Your guide To True Happiness' DVD which I featured in.

Special Bonus # 6
117 Recession Tips because the world is in a recession, here is another set of tips that could be useful during this time of change.

So, thereís plenty of information to help you assess your present stage in life and decide what you want to create for your future.

Additionally, Iíve included TWO life changing tips further down in this letter.

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

Additionally if you just do it your purchases are protected by my

No Hassle
No Headache
90 Day No-risk Guarantee.
100% Money Back. SO YOU CANíT LOSE!

Take action nowÖ.donít be negative and unhappy. Some things you can change in life like creating your dreamsÖand some things you canít changeÖ.like the weather. Donít wait a moment longer, start reading the tips and quotes and poems, fill your mind FULL with positive thoughts and start working through this programme. As Nike saysÖ.JUST DO IT now!

Now you may be wondering what your investment in your own life is worth. Iíve a great deal for you. Itís not hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars or just hundreds of dollars.

But remember if you do nothing it costs you nothing and youíll achieve nothing and have wasted your time.

So hereís my special deal for you:

Invest in the complete..

Attitude Training Programme
FOUR additional Bonus offers
TWO special FREE bonus ebooks as well
7 Steps to Success Eposter and a Certificate of Achievement.

FOR ONLY $77.00


Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

The programme is great value because you save yourself thousands of hours researching. Many of your answers are here. Iíve done the hard work and now you can work with the best ideas and at your own pace.

You neednít wait another minute feeling negative,
insteadÖ work towards your future.

FOR ONLY $77.00


Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

Get access to these proven books full of tips, exercises, quotes, that will have you assessing your values, setting goals, creating programmes, writing affirmations and LOADS more to keep a positive attitude. It will boost your esteem and help you set goals towards creating your dream life.

Special Bonus # 7††
7 Secrets of Success A4 Eposter
These success secrets were shared by top achievers and the winners of the Horatio Alger Association in the United States. Many people chose 6 of these attributes as keys to their success but only one lady picked 7 secrets.† Known mainly for her TV programme and more recently her work in helping others, Oprah Winfrey is a successful business woman and inspiration to all. Download the Eposter and display it.

Your friends, partners, family and workmates will start to see changes and envy you when they see you being positive.

Youíll start feeling good about yourself as you get out of your rut †
and start to achieve.

And rememberÖyour purchases are protected by my

No Hassle
No Headache
90 Day No-risk Guarantee!
100% Money Back

The Attitude Training Programme is not available through bookstores. This programme is only available through this website. So, youíve got a choice, stay as you are or grasp the opportunity to make changes happen.

You can have a positive mental attitude 24/7 and
become happy successful and a winner in life.

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

So hereís a reminder of what youíre getting with over 300 pages of help for you.

Positive Attitude Training Programme

Say Yes to a Positive Attitude
200 PowerTips to Keep your Attitude Positive
How to get what you want in life & achieve Success
Believe in Yourself and Be a Winner
24 Positive and Inspirational Quotes
45 Life Changing Tips
25 Positive Poems
125 Self Esteem Tips
Happiness Scale & 117 Recession Tips
7 Steps to Success Eposter and a Certificate of Achievement.

Yours now for only $77.00!


Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

Invest in your future because it is the first day of the rest of your fantastic and fun-filled, loving positive and successful life! You can achieve your dreams.

Are you thinking twice?† If so read this AMAZING SECRET TIPÖabout whatís happening to your thinking.

Your right creative side of your brain creates the magic, dreams desires, and passion that makes your life fantastic. Itís your left logical side that needs to work out how to support your dreams and passions. The left side often works against you making all sorts of lame excuses. Thatís the bit of your mind that doesnít want you to succeed. So WIN it over and today make a positive choice to create your magic. Donít let your logic stop you!

Remember you have to discover what makes you happy
then use your thoughts to work out how to create as much of that happiness as possible before getting your actions aligned to DO IT!

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

Think about this - In the past you daydreamed about a happier more successful life than you have right now. Was it 5, 10 or 15 years ago?

Now, do you wish you had started changing your life back then? Well you canít because that is in the PAST.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and this is your PRESENT. Itís the time for you to take action right now.

Then you can daily work on creating the dreams for your FUTURE! Think how happy youíll feel and successful you will be. Remember you need to START NOW!

It took me almost twenty years to get on trackÖ.others have helped me on my journeyÖnow itís my turn to help you to become your best.

Donít wait any longer, stop procrastinating, overcome your fear and JUST DO IT! You will be thankful when youíve taken positive action.

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

Then share your success with the world on our blog. Iíll be waiting to hear your success story as you become your best!

The world is waiting for you. Donít delay - become the winner you can be!

With kindest regards

Janice - the lady with nice in her name

Janice Davies
Attitude Specialist

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Remember Ö you could find a tip and in one minute, apply it to your life. Itís that instant!

Let me start the Attitude Training NOW

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Janice Davies

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