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Professional Attitude Training

Your attitude is a crucial key to your success in life and you living your dream life.

With over 30,000 thoughts per day to keep positive, you need to train your mind, otherwise, it's easy for it to control you and you not achieving your goals in life. Then you become disappointed in yourself and that invisible power behind your success which is your esteem, takes a bashing.

My name is Janice Davies and I am an international Attitude Specialist and trainer and . . . I Guarantee That You Can Have A Positive Attitude At least 90% Of Your Day - 24/7

That's a bold claim isn't it! You'll soon find out why I can say that with confidence. It really come down to two things:

  1. You deciding you want to be a success and making positive choices, by following your intuition and ridding yourself of the negativity in your life.
  2. Not listening to people who have not achieved themselves, and are working towards or are living their dream life and reaching their goals.

Nelson Mandela in one of his famous speeches says: "Your playing small does not serve the world" you need to be as great as you want to be.

You'll find my favourite Attitude poem by Charles Swindoll. I've handed it out to many people during my presentations. Read it, copy it and live by it.. it really does work!

Bottom-line . . . no one can alter your life except you!

"You share your light, truth and beauty in your own unique way. Thank you once more for sharing your truth with us all in Unity. In love, light and laughter." - Rhonda

Sometimes we like to blame others (as a child we can), but ultimately as you learn and grow into an adult and make adult decisions. It is up to you and the lessons and choices that you choose to learn. We are all on a journey . . .be it our own!

Check out my logo. You've no doubt seen something similar on your computer keyboard. Well, I've added to it and my logo represents:

We are all AT a place in our lives where our past choices have now led us to ...

We can stay in that place in life, circling around and around, not learning anything

OR...with a positive, learning, caring (for yourself) attitude you can learn the lesson and move onwards, upwards and forward onto the next phase and learning curve in your life.

Remember the choice is yours.some decisions are easy..some are not..however it's your make it easy for yourself.and learn, grow, discover your dreams, reach for, have fun, enjoy life and be the very best you choose to be. It really is in YOUR hands!


Attitude Training improves your thoughts about your everyday personal and professional life.

There's a quote:

"Success comes in cans or cannot. It's the same with your attitude to life . . .attitude comes in positive or negative."

It's 10% what happens to us and 90% how you react to it. Only you have a choice about your thoughts. My postcard reads:

Past, Present and Future - every second, you have a choice. Choose positive and be your own success story.

This series of books progresses you through a mindset change to achieve the following:

  1. Think positive about life
    Say Yes to a Positive Attitude
  2. Keep positive in everyday situations.
    200 PowerTips to keep your Attitude Positive
  3. Plan and live your dream life.
    How to get what you want in your Life and Achieve Success
  4. Believe in yourself that you can do it.
    Be a Winner by boosting your Esteem

Say Yes to a Positive Attitude Book
There's lots of negativity. It's rife in the world and if you dwell on it and look for it, you'll find it everywhere. However, if you train to change your thinking, you'll overlook the negative and focus on the positive. This book helps you transform your outlook on life. Click Here

200 PowerTips to keep your Attitude Positive
Daily you experience a variety of situations and challenges in different areas of your life. This book explores 30 areas and includes a variety of tips for your personal and professional life that will help you maintain a positive attitude. Click Here

How to get what you want in your Life and Achieve Success
Life is an exciting adventure, but it's easy to get caught in a rut of everyday living, which seems hard to change. This book examines your values (rules) and delves into your mind to discover your dream life. Then it provides a programme so you can achieve it. Click Here

Be a Winner by boosting your Esteem
If thousands of your thoughts think you aren't a winner, you won't be and won't achieve your dreams. Life is a journey and as you achieve your esteem expands. How you feel affects the things you do. This book helps you believe in yourself and your greatness. Click Here

These books are available in hard copy or ebook form. Click here to transfer to the resources page

This Attitude Training programme can be supplemented by weekly motivational quotes. Register at the top of this page.

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We will be updating this website but you may like to check out some of the free articles, subscribe for my Attitude Tips e-zine and check out some of the resources. My goal to you is to help you be the best you want to be. If you're looking for more help check out my workshops page, maybe I can help you there.

Another snippet of information. I call myself the Attitude Specialist.because it's only been my attitude that's taken me from a person with low self-esteem to who I am today, a person with high self-esteem and confidence. I have a saying on my wall that says...THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER..(and it is) ..and is constantly working on and towards my dreams.

So it's a been there, done that story. I've been working and gaining experience and learning the lessons of personal growth over the last 15 years of my life (once I knew what I wanted) so achieving my dream has been a work of art in progress. it's great to live it, teach it and be it. You can to!

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