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Public Personal Workshops

Personal Relationship Workshops

The Art of a GOOD Relationship

Challenged with relationships: past, present and future? Learn more about yourself and how to manage your present or upcoming relationships more effectively.

Topics included:

  • Letting go of the past and preparing for the future
  • Learning about yourself and your new prospective partner
  • Winning types of relationships and how to achieve them
  • The package of You
  • Creating an exciting future
  • Once you’ve found them…where to from here

Become Your Best - Create Your Dream Life and Make the World Your Oyster!

Believe in yourself and create your dreams.

Move forward to a new level of thinking in your personal and professional life.
Assess your present areas of being and create a new sense of purpose to your Daily way of life. Happiness is freedom and empowerment to create what your heart Desires. Tap into your inner confidence to overcome any hurdles to your greater success.
Making the world your oyster is having the assurance you can create your wildest dreams.

Whether at work or home, you'll enjoy life more and be happier if you feel confident. Advance your career, increase your level of job satisfaction, and move ahead in your personal and professional life.

This workshop looks at vital areas of your life:

  • Assessing your happiness level
  • Learning more about you
  • Analyzing your life rules
  • Evaluate your confidence level
  • Understanding your self esteem
  • Empowering yourself daily
  • Examine your past hurdles
  • Creating your wildest dream
  • Revamping your life plan
  • Understanding relationships
  • Become more communication savvy
  • Help and hurdles on your journey
  • Making the world your Oyster

This workshop will give you new tools to move your life to another level of enjoyment and achievement. If you've ever wondered why others are doing things and you have not got the confidence..come along and empower yourself to move forward.

Janice Davies, has turned her life around as Author, coach, trainer and professional speaker. Single mum for 15 years, to small business owner, travel tutor, and in her seventh career shares lessons from her journey.

"Thanks so much for a most inspiring few days! Whilst many of us may think that a lot of what was covered is common sense, really, it is SO good to be made aware of the finer points and be made to write down heaps of things I had never thought of focusing on. It is also great hearing other participants points of view (which have no emotion attached), so this is a very safe environment in which to challenge yourself or to just sit back and enjoy!" - Linda

"I thoroughly enjoyed your relationship talks. They were not what I had expected. I learnt so much about myself and also other people. I am sure that all the things you taught us will stand by me forever. I found out that there is a place for us all in this life, we are all like pieces in a jigsaw. Sometimes we meet people that are our close match and sometimes we meet people who annoy us a lot so the best plan is to steer away from people that upset us and to try and associate with people that will enhance our lives and we can do likewise." - Sandra

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