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Success Coaching Programme

5 Day Online Success Coaching Programme - 5 Sessions over 10 weeks.

Positive attitude and success coaching is about aligning your dreams and creating them.
You may already have created part of your dream life, or none at all, or got lost into someone else’s dreams. This is your opportunity to explore and fine-tune or discover your dreams again in your own time.

Online coaching has the same information as face to face coaching. The only difference is that when you have a question, you email it rather than verbally ask it.

Postive Attitude and Success CoachingThis 5-sessions-over-10 weeks programme is about combining your heart or soul (what’s inside) to your head (your thoughts and thinking) to your body (which is your actions).

The Course Includes -

  • Background information
  • 5 Coaching sessions and outlines
  • Each session is 10 to 20 pages
  • Instructions and guidance
  • Questions for you to examine
  • Forms to complete
  • Tips and poems

The course is over five emails which you can print or organise in an online folder. Suggested material for sessions:

  • Pens or felt tips pens (Coloured helps prompt your thinking)
  • Paper for some exercises (Coloured helps prompt your thinking)
  • Notebook to carry around for new ideas
  • Large folder with plastic envelopes to collate and categorise your new ideas

Part One - Determine your Values or Life Rules - more details >
Part Two - Work/Life Ratios and Life Priorities - more details >
Part Three - Setting Goals and Redesigning your Life - more details >
Part Four - Overcoming your Challenges - more details >
Part Five - Establishing your Systems - more details >

Cost $250.00 - now on special for a limited time only $125.00!

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