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The Success Attitude - Haunting Messages Guiding Us

The Success Attitude - Haunting Messages Guiding UsEveryone’s life if a continuous journey of highs and lows….in search of happiness, love, fulfillment and success. The Success Attitude – Haunting Messages Guiding Us, is Janice’s journey along with Hindsight Insights which provide an opportunity for the readers to delve one step further into personal their journey and development

Born in Huntly, Janice was bullied in high school and spent twenty years with low self-esteem before realising and turning her life around. In her journey to keep positive and create success for herself and her daughters, she was taunted by haunting messages from another realm. These constantly had her expanding her thinking and searching for solutions. She has pondered over these messages and now moves onto the edge to share this understanding with the world, realizing the ‘carrot’s dangled in front’ of her are messages to expand herself … she help others.

The Success Attitude - Haunting Messages Guiding UsHaunting message ‘to write her life story’, buying a haunted house, messages from “the universe’ or ‘God’ have all stretcher her thinking and had her wondering about ‘receiving’ these message and the ‘why me’. Finally, she says, its taken insight, courage, knowledge, confidence, understanding and presence to write the book.

The goal of this book is to provide an ‘easy-to-read’ format of interest to the general public. It is suitable for either gender or a variety of ages, aiming to share a story and inform people.

The underlying theme for personal growth is getting soul first, then mind (your thoughts) and then action (your body) aligned. It shares the concept of our outer and inner worlds being aligned. The book does this from the physical and spiritual presence. It includes a variety of techniques for receiving the information and insights. It supports the following concept:

  1. Our life has a purpose as we fulfill our potential
  2. We are supported from both the physical and spirit world to learn to become our best
  3. Our mission is to share and promote global wellbeing

In essence this book is about overcoming self-doubt to believe in oneself. It’s about using your natural gifts to become your best on your life journey, thus helping yourself and others.

As Marianne Williamson & Nelson Mandela say: Your playing small, does not serve the world.

Chapters include:
Sailors and Onion Skins - FREE Download

  1. The Swan and The Leader
  2. The Third Semester
  3. Adventuring
  4. Disharmony and Bliss
  5. Plum Jam
  6. Not a Goal
  7. Staying Sane
  8. Supported Becoming
  9. Gratitude Lessons
  10. Sailing a Different Course
  11. Spirit World Intervention         
  12. Abnormally Haunted
  13. Normality
  14. Living in a Haunted House
  15. The Message
  16. America’s Cup
  17. In the Pursuit of Happyness
  18. Heaven on Earth
USD $20.95 The Success Attitude - Haunting Messages Guiding Us
Price includes $5 donation to the Interntional Self Esteem Day and promoting self esteem.


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