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Janice Davies - Teacher and Tutor


School Tips for Parents

Children are often negative at school. Parents need to instill a positive ideas in their children so they want to learn at school. Janice shares tips for parents on attitude, esteem, bullying and more.


Positive Tips
for Returning to School

Coping with transition from holiday to school...

Getting them to have a positive attitude...

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Over the past twenty years, Janice has moved from teaching toddlers, to their parents, to tertiary students, adults and then into the corporate market.

She began running courses for Playcentre on parenting and interpersonal skills in the education sector as a teacher, in the early 80’s. After doing studies in adult education and human development, Janice moved into Playcentre Supervisor as she continued teaching Leadership courses. Later this extended into part-time Community Education tutoring, before moving into a Travel Tutor and then Tourism Tutor for Auckland Institute of Studies. This was followed by running Kiwihost courses on communication and customer service for customers and even the police department.

During this variety of experience Janice gained a wide range of knowledge and skills about working in the educational sector. Over the years, Janice had extended her lessons to include ‘Life Skills’ to all her pupils as well as the topic of the course. This has proven a great success.

Passionate about self esteem (because she had to learn and also teach her children) Janice is now gathering people, information and tools that are helpful in this vital area of personal development and sharing it’s importance as a keystone to any person’s success.

She is now working more in this edcuational area, sharing her skills with tutors, school executive officers, principals and teachers. Her hot topic workshop “Dealing with Difficult People & Tricky Situations"; has had teachers, administration and principals attend as she has traveled around New Zealand running this course.

Here’s what they say:

'Teaching is a profession which requires interpersonal interactions and skills all day and everyday. It is good to be reminded how to go about this positively. I have learnt that I’m okay, they’re ok and not to make it personal. Find the problem and a way to the solution.' - L. Fleming, Teacher

'Janice provided a fast paced easy to understand presentation that covered a wide range of material effectively.' - K Turner, School Principal.

'It fell into place. Why haven’t I known this before in all my years of teaching? So easily seen and categorised.' - Teacher, Christchurch.

'The first two points have covered my investment…even if I learn nothing else…it’s been VERY worthwhile. ' - Principal, Hamilton School

'I’ve been using the techniques and sharing it with staff at my school.' - Deputy Principal, Waikato School

'Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I often go off into dream world at workshops. Not once during this seminar.' - chool Administration Staff

Tutoring International Students:

Janice worked as a Travel and Tourism tutor in Auckland for over seven years. During this time she worked with over 19 different cultures with the ages of her students ranging from 17 to 45 years olds. She also had international students living in her home. Working as a team was her ‘key’ to helping her students achieve. Janice shares her tips in her new workshop called :

Creating and Teaching WIN/WIN

  • The challenges experienced
  • Course Expectations
  • Class Rules
  • Uninterested Students
  • Learning Methods
  • Do & Don’ts

'Thanks so much for a wonderful time yesterday and the feedback from the team has been extremely positive.'

'The feedback we have had from the team has been so positive that we are wondering if we could bring you back in for a different workshop based around attitude – your specialty!'

'Janice presented to a group of our tutors on 26th July 2007.The presentation was called Creating and Teaching Win/Win. She shared her ideas and her many years experience as a travel tutor with International Students and how to interact more effectively with the students. It was an interactive three hour presentation with practical tips that the Tutors could then Take back and implement immediately.
Following on from that presentation which was thoroughly enjoyed and with the feedback So favorably we decided to invite her back to present on her specialty topic of attitude. Janice was professional in her presentation and proactive in her follow up.' - Kelly Wilson, HR Advisor, NZMA, New Zealand Management Academies

Raising children’s self-esteemSelf Esteem:

Janice has also started working with and through schools on the importance of self esteem. Her involvement had her creating the International Self Esteem Day, which had her as a finalist in the Sales and Marketing Institute Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2007. After seeing her on Television One on the morning of 27th June, this years’ allocated Internationasl Self Esteem day, this teacher had this to day.

"I was having a day off work, and feeling blue. After seeing you on television talking about self esteem, I rethought about myself and the qualities I had, and instantly felt better about myself." - Teacher from Hamilton

Janice now has experts who work with her as in running courses at schools to improve childrens self esteem.

  • Auckland – Faye Stockill
    Fay Stockill is the Co-ordinator of the Healthy Attitudes workshops. These are 3 hour interactive workshops for school children teaching about self esteem.
    • Self Esteem 3 hour Seminar:
      • Warm up Brain exercise to music
      • 10 minute relaxation tape on Self Esteem
      • Ready on story book on Self Esteem with follow up discussion.
      • Re-enactment of story (Children role play)
      • Group activity with children’s ‘Positive Choices’ cards
      • Follow up activity
      • Explaining about the left and right brain hemispheres
      • Each child will receive a set of the 21 Positive Choices card to keep

This course is most suitable for children 8 to 11 years old.

These cards the students receive include information on the following: Imagination, creativity, thinking, mistakes, enjoyment, feeling good, being unique, inner voice, confidence, self belief, happiness and more.

The children will learn how to use the cards during the course. Instructions on how to use the cards are included with them for home use with families. For more information email Janice.

  • Rest of New Zealand – Theresa Hoyle
    Therese Hoyle, founder of The Success Partnership, is an educator, life/business coach and inspirational presenter. Over the last 10 years Therese has worked with over 400 schools and organisations and 13,500 individuals.

    The positive impact of Therese’s work in the Central Wairarapa, was featured in New Zealand's Education Gazette (June 2006). In the UK her work has been featured in The Times Education, a BBC Anti Bullying Video, Reader's Digest, Elle Magazine and Shape Magazine. She has specific programmes for teaching self esteem at school for children.

    "Therese practices what she preaches - consistently creating the conditions and using the techniques that research has proven maximizes the quality and quantity of learning."

    At "The Success Partnership" our aim is to support you in achieving greater success.
    We facilitate, coach, design workshops and supply books on a variety of topics including:

    Circle Time, Behaviour Management, Anti Bullying, Emotional Literacy, Resiliency, Relationships, Parenting, Peer Support, Raising the Energy and Morale of Yourself and Your Team, Creating Happier Lunchtimes and Playtimes.


Resources for Schools :

  • Help Improve Self esteem at School
    This interactive CD is School Libraries and suitable for teenagers and recommended for intermediate and also high schools.

  • Postive Choices for children
    A 21 card set designed to help children believe in themselves and their inner creativity plus . . .

    More information here >>

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