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Welcome to the new readers who have attended my workshops and presentations.

I hope everyone has had a satisfying year in 2009!

I’d like to share some tips that might help you create a more prosperous 2010.

I was reminded at a charity fundraising that although times maybe challenging, we need to remember these 3 pointers:

  1. A low is always followed by a high – so get ready for the high.
  2. NZ is a country that recovers early – it’s hit early by recession but recovers early.
  3. People on set incomes have more money to spend with low petrol and interest rates.

Additional Tips for Keeping Positive during the Recession.

  • Decide what you can and can’t change…work on the ‘can change’
  • Fine tune your operations by automating what you can
  • Continue marketing your business – write articles, offer value, seek new ideas
  • Motivate your staff to perform whilst at work - research still shows a lot of ‘down’ time.
  • Purchase my new ebook 26 Positive Poems to Keep Your Attitude Positive. Display a new one fortnightly.

Motivate from the Heart - A recent article I wrote for an online Sales magazine

Let’s be honest, most people think they go to work for their pay packet. The bigger salary and higher commissions the happier they are…and so is the boss with increased sales.

However, happiness is intrinsic and what the heart desires, the head has to provide methods and systems to assist in creating those dreams.

It is the same with your sales (and also administration) staff. Whereas the pay packet is fantastic, include some emotion in the motivation process and you have not only tapped into their needs, you elevate their hearts desires by focusing on fulfilling their dreams.

Sales people are from the personality group who make decisions based on emotion so this motivation works best for them.

3 Tips to creating a Motivated Sales Team:

  1. Improve their attitude by providing tools and training to keep their attitude positive.
  2. Create a confident team by boosting their self belief or esteem.
  3. Uncover your sales teams 2009 personal goals. Encourage those as well as your business goals and you are supporting their emotional needs (heart) which is a big motivator for them.

The NZ Sales Magazine is a free subscription. Visit to subscribe.

If you need additional help to motivate your team, attend one of my public workshops or have an in-house workshop. If I am in your area, I cover my own traveling expenses.

2009 Elevate your Workplace Attitude Workshops

February - 11th Hamilton, 18th Wellington, 24th Auckland, 27th Napier
March - 3rd Tauranga, 18th Christchurch

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  1. My 60 Positive Attitude Tips Article from the Sunday News.
  2. Remember if you want to use any of my articles in your ezine or newsletter, please do but let me know and include my details.
  3. You’ll find my articles here:
  4. 2009 Calendar - one page with regional holidays:

Freebies and Bargains to keep you MOTIVATED for 2009:

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Upcoming 2009 Presentations

Dealing with Difficult People & Tricky Situations Workshops:
Napier 27th February, Tauranga 3rd March

Empowering Women Presentations at Her Business Meetings:
Hamilton - 20th January, Tauranga 3rd March

Thank you for your time and contact me with any of your training or conference needs for 2009. If you are wanting other topics than mine, I have many great speaker colleagues I could recommend.

3 Positive Christmas Song Tips:

  • Snoopy’s Christmas – Sing along, tap your toes and enjoy this favourite tune
  • Peace & Good Will to all – Count to ten and don’t let others bug you at Christmas events
  • I want a Hippopotomus for Christmas – if you’ve got children, be glad they don’t want one of these!

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

Please note - all material is copyright - download for personal use only - please contact Janice Davies if you wish to use any material in a group situation.

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