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Give your Life a Spring As Online SUCCESS Coaching Becoming Popular

Springtime is about ‘growth’. It’s visible in the gardens, in the paddocks, the new fashion for the season and it’s the time to spring clean our home, get rid of the dust on the curtains. However, what most people don’t do is make it an annual time to reassess their lives. We know about New Years goal setting….however most people are in holiday mode, so usually it’s only short term positive thinking. The advertisements urge people to ‘get their bodies in shape’ for the beaches….but no urgency attached to ‘get their thinking into shape’.

Too much traffic, too little time, too much work, are reasons why the online Success coaching was created and becoming popular. As more people are becoming computer savvy, it’s also becoming the norm for people to spend leisure time at night ‘surfing’ and communicating via the internet.

The main difference is people are communicating with their computer screen rather than looking at my face, during their coaching says Janice Davies, author of over 7 books on success. After years of high stress and burnout twice, seven careers and creating ‘the world as my oyster’, I’ve learnt a lot about life which I share through speaking and writing.

Two way communication is instant when people are face to face, whereas the two way communication is via the computer and becomes three way if clients have questions. The draw back is they do not get an immediate answer.

Online coaching teaches the same information as ‘face to face’. It’s educating people about personal empowerment and achieving their dreams in their personal and professional lives. When people are searching for happiness, success, love, joy, and fun in their life, they want it in their home and work life. It’s addressing six different areas in our life and working towards creating that.

One of the challenges was to include information so people could understand that with their different personalities, some people would have an easier task with analytical exercises, whereas right brained people enjoy other exercises using their creative thinking. It’s a good lesson in life that people can work in both arenas, even though they have challenges, but having an understanding and working through it is a help in learning ‘new ways’ of tackling life. In fact it’s a bonus as these new skills are becoming helpful at work as people are exposed to a wider range of procedures.

This leads to another advantage as employers realise the importance of employees learning personal development skills and new understanding as part of their ‘workplace training’. Paying for the course, then allows the employee to spend their ‘own time’ or allocated ‘work time’ to work on the coaching programmes. The added benefits include: more personal awareness and also about other team members, better stress and time management strategies and more goal focused

After a two year research programme on attitudes in the workplace, the overwhelming result showed that employees were mainly left to their own devices to motivate themselves. However they were educated for work related training and rewarded for success. Now employers need to realise that if they motivate their staff and improve their attitude (yes it can be taught) they will improve the workplace productivity.

Some employees are struggling, to motivate themselves, others, work in their teams and cope with ever changing challenges and stressors of today’s life, and keep performing.

IN 2004 the NZ herald reported a 618% increase in people applying for sickness benefits, the main cause = STRESS. Another recent report in August 2007 from Dunedin also revealed that high stress employment can lead to negative thinking.

Work/Life balance, happiness at work and home and greater stress coping skills is becoming paramount to good performance. People are starting to embrace this ‘old fashioned’ now ‘in fashion’ thinking.

The online coaching programme is in 5 sessions and covers 5 main areas in coaching. It commences with you deciding your specific outcomes you require from the coaching, so you've set yourself a target. Along with that is the 'ongoing prompts' to challenge your thinking as you search for answers. Additionally, quotes and poems are included to keep you motivated throughout the course.

Each session people can either download it or save on your computer. The course looks at: Values or Life Rules, Work/Life Ratios and Life priorities, Setting Goals and Redesigning your Life, Overcoming your Challenges and Establishing your Systems.

If people live too far from a coach, or don’t like reading books, this is another option to them gaining information to get their life on track.

More information can be found on the coaching page.

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