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With New Zealand school ranking high on the list of bullying in schools, it is time adults took notice and action.  

Bullying is very real…and can lead to suicide in our children and it happens because of low self esteem.

  1. Bullying is about low self esteem.
  2. Bullies happen because children and adults do not know how to have good relationships.

Janice Davies - the Attitude Specialist founded Selfday or International Self Esteem day was created as an annual awareness day to educate about the importance of self esteem.

Statistics now confirm the importance in dealing with these issues. Below are 10 tips.

  1. Listen to your children and ask questions to prompt some discussion.
  2. Discuss bullying with your children
  3. Ask your children or any of their friends to tell either their parent, friends, teachers or someone about any bullying
  4. Tell the children – not to take it personally. It’s not just about them…it could be anyone.
  5. Tell the children that if it wasn’t ‘them’ who was being bullied, it would be someone else.
  6. Bullies are cowards who don’t feel good about themselves so try to put others down.
  7. Bullies have low self esteem and only pick on others who also have low self esteem.
  8. If you are being bullied – list things/tasks/skills/passions/sports anything that you enjoy and you like about yourself.
  9. Seek help from any of the services – Lifeline or any other organization.
  10. Learn about self esteem and how to boost it in your children.

Download the 125 free ebook where there are tips provided there by another teenager
who has been bullied, along with many other tips to improve esteem.

For more information contact Janice Davies on
Or 021 514 511 or visit Janice’s website


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