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Self Esteem Day Tips

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  1. Stop comparing yourself with other people
  2. Stop putting yourself down
  3. Take advantage of workshops, books and cassette tape programs on self-esteem
  4. Make a list of your positive qualities
  5. Use affirmations to boost your self-esteem
  6. Associate with positive, supportive people
  7. Make a list of your past successes. 

    "Being myself includes taking risks with myself, taking risks on new behaviour, trying new ways of 'being myself' so that I can see how it is, I want to be."  -  Hugh Prather


  • Focus on the parts of your body you like
  • Dress to emphasis what you have and look good
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Start an exercise program
  • Eat positive food and stay away from diets
  • Play sports as often as you can
  • Walk as much as you can
  • Don't smoke at all or drink too much
  • Write down compliments you receive about how you look
  • Straighten up, smile and look straight ahead - you'll look and feel more confident 
  • Identify and accept your strengths and weaknesses--everyone has them, and no one is perfect.
  • Take an "I can" attitude and offer yourself encouragement along the way. Learn to be your own best friend.
  • Set realistic goals and then take pride in your achievements.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and act on what you think is right for you.
  • Don't try to be someone else, but be proud of who you are.
  • Explore your own talents and learn to love and appreciate the unique person you are!
  • List things you like about yourself - include appearance, personality and skills
  • Change negative thoughts to positive thoughts by focusing on the positive ones and trying to forget the negative things that happen to you
  • Take up an exercise program - you will feel better and look better!
  • Remember good things people have said about you and note them down if you want
  • Question whether your view of yourself is accurate examine why you see yourself like you do
  • Make any changes you think would help you for example clothes, appearance, hair style, behaviour in certain situations
  • Accept things about yourself that are true and learn to think about them in a positive way
  • Take yourself less seriously and lighten up!
  • Accept criticism in a constructive way so you can improve and develop
  • Don't be limited by your internal image, step outside of it and break free, it doesn't have to control you or keep you down.
  • Acting differently will change how others see you and will also help to change your own attitude towards yourself and your abilities
  • Take up challenges positively and surprise yourself!
  • Read motivating books
  • Face your fears - they aren't  as bad as you think they are. Facing your fears increases your confidence.
  • Forget your failures  - learn from them. Avoid making the same mistakes again. before 
  • Try again, you're wiser and stronger.  Don't be trapped in the past!
  • Know what you want and ask for it. You deserve your dreams to come true.
  • Reward yourself when you succeed
  • Talk - We often make assumptions about a situation or person which are not true. Your attitude and behaviour can be negatively affected so if you have any doubt or question ask and don't assume you know why or how.
  • Don't be defeated! Try something else.
  • Set aside one hour every day for personal devlopment matters.
  • Light a candel besidce you when you're reading. It's relaxing and creates a soothing atmosphere.
  • Make your home an oasis from the frenzies outside world. Fill it with things you love.
  • Learn to be still. The average person doesn't spend even 30 mintues a month in total silence and tranquility.

Your child's self esteem can be increased by you:

  • Appreciating your child
  • Telling your child that you love them
  • Spending time with your child
  • Encouraging your child to make choices
  • Fostering independence in your children
  • Giving genuine importance to your child's opinion and listening
  • Taking the time to explain reasons 
  • Feeding your child with positive encouragement
  • Encouraging your child to try new and challenging activities

Ask for Support from Friends

  • Ask friends to tell you what they like about you or think you do well.
  • Ask someone who cares about you to just listen to you "vent" for a little while without trying to "fix" things.
  • Ask for a hug.
  • Ask someone who loves you to remind you that they do.

Get Help from Teachers & Other Helpers

  • Go to professors or advisors or tutors to ask for help in classes if this is a problem for you. Remember: They are there to help you learn!
  • If you lack self-confidence in certain areas, take classes or try out new activities to increase your sense of competence (for example, take a math class, join a dance club, take swimming lessons, etc.

    "Appreciation raises self-esteem, self-esteem increases productivity. When you acknowledge someone for just being there, it can make a world of difference in their level of productiveness." - Mary Robinson

30 Workplace Tips to boost self-esteem

  • Celebrate each person's anniversary with the company
  • Remember birthdays
  • Ask for ideas for improvements
  • Give them credit and recognition for any improvements
  • Send personal email messages - i.e. Great job on ?? report.
  • Put up attractive pictures of inspirational, motivational posters for employees not just managers offices
  • Share the task of choosing the posters amongst groups of employees to choose and change them regularly
  • Provide a regular morning tea
  • Allow a casual day out of uniform
  • Many people are juggling roles - allow them flexibility for schedules
  • Include training/motivation for ALL staff, not just managers
  • Accentuate the positive - always remember to acknowledge the good work not just the negatives
  • Treat employees, employers, and fellow staff members as you would like to be treated
  • Let people know when their work or some aspect of it, however minor has improved.
  • Treat each person as if they were successful in their jobs. See the best in them even when they don't themselves.
  • If you see something going wrong, give them constructive criticism - what you like, what the problem is and a solution.
  • Be a helpful older sibling, not a reprimanding parent figure. Let them know you're there to help, not to criticise or scold. Treat them as adults.
  • Give them lots of encouragement - you'll be amazed at the effect.
  • Don't dwell on past mistakes and failures. Forgive and forget and move on.
  • If someone has willingness and ability to improve, let them try without constantly
  • reminding them of what they did wrong before.
  • Write out a prompt sheet for new tasks so people can refer to it
  • Host the employee of the month award
  • Let customers choose the Employee of the month. Advertise it in your newsletter
  • Respect their feelings, you'll get a better result if you treat them this way
  • If you get a windfall for the company, celebrate or share the bonus, especially if it was the result of others work
  • Set up a childcare for working parents or work in conjunction with a local one
  • Allow them to take 'well-off' days in lieu of sick days. Reward them for being positive
  • Never belittle and employee
  • If something is not working, ask for solutions
  • Have high expectations and let them now as well as empowering them to reach that level with on-going support and   training.

From Managing with a Heart - Sharon Good

Dear Simon and Gary,

"Janice is a trainer and speaker (teaching workshops on how to deal with difficult people, for example). Her personal calling, however, is to try and raise self-esteem of New Zealanders and others around the world, and to promote the idea of a "National Self Esteem Day" on the 28th of June. Janice is looking for people to get on board the idea, and ways to promote the concept. She's very sincere, and this is a real calling for her." - Rachel Prosser, Like to the Lark : Coaching, Training, Public Speaking, Speechwriting.


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