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Music, T-Shirts & Other Products for Self Day

Jeff Clarkson Music
Used by many thousands of people who practice Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation.  It is often broadcast as background music in high stress areas. Working through the medium of music technology and sound artistry, the Jeff Clarkson Music brand has developed into a unique and distinctive sound, drawing on simple and essential music ideas to create a 'Zen' styled, continuous flow of beautiful, melodic, relaxing music. Profoundly healing, but has become a refreshing sound in today's world.
Jeff Clarkson Music - A New Eden

Jeff Clarkson Music - A New Eden
A New Eden will take you directly to the heart of nature. Feel the reflections of this beauty resonating within, expanding throughout your consciousness.

Feel the 'greenness' of nature, the creation and the grandeur of the original dream that exists within our very own genetic structure - waiting to be realised, to be recognised as the essence of who we are - visualize.

A New Eden is a gentle celebration of nature.  Inspiring melodies and restful ambience for meditation and healing. A New Eden is a highly visual and extremely soothing piece of music  connecting us to the essence of our being.

NZD $29.50

Jeff Clarkson Music - Butterfly

Jeff Clarkson Music - Butterfly
Butterfly is a soft and gentle composition of multi-coloured passages and crystal clear sounds, complemented by the sounds of nature.

Gentle and healing, perfect for meditation. Butterfly features birds, waterfalls, and natural sound. 

New Zealand made.

NZD $29.50

Bliss Music - Nurturance
Jeff Clarkson Music - Infinite Grace
An inspiring melody and an easy flow that will carry you gently on a sound adventure of mystery and enchantment.

Infinite Grace is soft, inspiring, and heart opening, including a Hectors Dolphin introduction.  Perfect for meditation and natural healing.

NZD $29.50

Jeff Clarkson Music - Peace & Quiet
Jeff Clarkson Music - Peace & Quiet
Peace and Quiet is a compilation of eight carefully selected passages of music from eight different albums in Jeff Clarkson's collection.

The music of Peace and Quiet creates a consistently gentle and soothing ambience that provides the ideal aural background for meditiation and enhanced focus and learning activities.

Peace and Quiet music will also motivate the process of releasing stress and will nurture the emotional body during physical and spiritual healing.

NZD $29.50

Jeff Clarkson Music - Peace & Quiet 2

Jeff Clarkson Music - Peace & Quiet 2
Peace & Quiet 2 reflects an album of flowing resonance and enchanting melodies that intertwine with nature sounds to create a continuously peaceful ambience from start to finish.

Peace & Quiet 2 works to relax body and mind in harmony with meditation and natural therapies and will provide a congenial atmosphere for enhanced learning and memory retention. Peace & Quiet 2 also has an artistic flow with the music bringing forward relevant philosophical and historical ideas to the many explorers of expanded awareness in todays world.

New Zealand made.

NZD $29.50

Jeff Clarkson Music - Serenade

Jeff Clarkson Music - Serenade

Serene, angelic, and soft.  From start to finish Serenade is an inspiration that communicates a profound healing to the human spirit.  Exceptionally healing and meditative.

NZD $29.50

eff Clarkson Music - Simplicity

Jeff Clarkson Music - Simplicity
Simplicity is an adventure into nature designed to inspire recall of our earliest recognition of life, and our oneness with all things - Simplicity is a journey of healing. 

Three exciting musical journeys.  The gentle touch of Butterfly, the deep relaxation of Serenade and the vitality of Botanica.

Ten beautiful tracks, healing and heart opening.  Native birds, waterfalls, natural sounds. The simple perfection of creation.

NZD $29.50

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